I have a weird dream last night about Johnlock, wtf

ok, i know it’s a bit weird but… I dreamed of John and Sherlock getting married. They were already on their tuxedos and such but when they get to the church, it was already filled with other gay men who are also getting married. There were maybe about hundreds of them in there…I felt really happy for them, seeing them right there being married and such…I was about to tell it to John and Sherlock when I noticed them backing up a little, as if they were scared.

Because right in front of us, we saw the heads of the other couples turning full 360 degrees, as if they were possessed or hypnotized, or something. They keep on chanting the words “round and round and round and round…” and it’s really creeping me out. I don’t know what the fuck is happening cuz the priest there were also chanting something like “bloodsucker, bloodsucker, bloodsucker” idk 

The three of us were now about to escape the place, when another couple walked in to get married also. I’m not really sure if they were gay or not cuz one of them’s wearing a dress. I’m not really sure but i think they’re gay as well..? :/ Anyweiiiiiiis….like i said, another couple walked in and we stopped them… We tell them to leave but they don’t want to. They were scared but they really want to go on with their wedding. And then all of a sudden, as we were discussing our plans of escaping, John brings out this huge ass wooden box thing in front of us. 

It was really heavy and it also has a yellow “keep away from my fandom” sticker on it…like the ones they put when there’s a crime scene or something… that yellow ribbon thingy?? idk…oh well anyway, after that, they soon put some chains on the box and tied it to the newly-walked in couple.

We’re all starting to feel panicky and shit. And then the couple suddenly walked down the aisle with the chains still on them. As they were doing so, their heads started turning too. They weren’t chanting or anything but it was clear they are still being hypnotized/possessed by something. John and Sherlock pulled the chains to save them but the other hypnotized/possessed couples noticed them and started to attack them. Their heads weren’t turning now and they all looked furious.

John was already shouting “open the box quick!” And when Sherlock did opened it, it turns out that the box is full of spiders and some of pictures of him and Sherlock together. There were also some other things too that popped out but I forgot.

The spiders started attacking all the gay couples and John jumped to Sherlock’s arms because the spiders scared him. After that, everything went back to normal and they’re not hypnotized/possessed anymore. Meanwhile, the priest there was then left at the altar dancing alone like a madman. And then my sister woke me up saying I was laughing in my sleep, like wtf? 

I know it’s a bit weird but I’m telling you the truth! I’m a real big fan of Sherlock but…idk, this is really crazy, even for me! what the fuck does it mean?!? i’ve tried searching for it on dreammoods.com but nothing really comes up…i’m really confused, please help :(

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