7 years (:

7 years (:

100 Facts About Me


  1. My real name is Irish Pauline … but you can call me “bitchface” if you like
  2. I’m currently a psych major student…and a future mental patient
  3. I’m kind of an emotional roller-coaster.
  4. I like to think I’m funny. I’m not.
  5. I’m like a platypus, I don’t do much
  6. I got my first menstruation on my 10th birthday
  7. I’m grumpier than a 3 yr old ballerina with a wedgie when i’m on my period.
  8. I sleep with a minimum of 2 pillows and a maximum of 10
  9. I sleep late even when I need to get up early … like now
  10. I am not a morning person. Wake me up and you’re dead! 
  11. I wish my hair wasn’t so messy and would actually listen to me once in a while…
  12. Somewhere, out there, I too have the “baby naked butt” picture of myself floating around…
  13. I won 2nd place in a science quiz bee when I was in grade six without studying. 
  14. I love reading. My idea of heaven is a never ending library of books.
  15. I procrastinate a lot. I always find some ways to waste my time, and I always do things at the last minute.
  16. No matter how much I’ve ever had one around me, I don’t really care for cellphones
  17. I don’t own an iPhone. (Yes, you read that correctly.)
  18. I am a terribly mean older sister.
  19. If my sister and I weren’t sisters, we probably wouldn’t be friends
  20. I like to tell jokes…but i’m totally shy that i just keep quiet most of the time…especially around my classmates
  21. I was traumatized before because of bullying…because of it I started to isolate myself and stopped talking to others anymore (well, not actually to every people, just to my classmates/schoolmates, i guess)
  22. I don’t like having my picture taken…it just reminds me how fucking ugly I look -_-
  23. I have this habit of doing this with my face whenever i remember any bad or embarrassing things… 

  24. God, I hate flashbacks! -_-
  25. -_- this is my favorite emoticon btw -_-
  26. My room looks like a real dump site
  27. I enjoy making filthy things somewhat clean. But no farther.
  28. I have been going to a private school ever since preschool
  29. I still fit into my elementary school sports shirt, and I’m 20 now.
  30. I still adore cartoons and animes - and I think I won’t be able not to do that, even if I’ll be 30. 
  31. If I could be anyone at all for a day, I would be Spongebob Squarepants
  32. I’m still not sure what I want to do with my life
  33. Chocolate is my weakness.
  34. I love personality tests. Over the years, my personality have changed to INFJ to ISFP to ISFJ in the Myer-Brigg’s Personality Test
  35. I wish I had more patience, and am amazed by anyone who can remain calm especially in difficult situations
  36. I always tend to worry about things :(
  37.  When I don’t have a particular program to watch, I can’t stop switching channels
  38. am i sarcastic? — no i’m just a green monkey ninja pirate that smokes pot, that’s all
  39. I prefer the “really cold” to the “really hot” weather
  40. I have this thing called selective mutism
  41. I am a grammar and spelling fiend and nothing winds me up more than incorrect grammar or spelling.
  42. If I were a boy, I would probably do this all dayimage
     or this 
    or this
    or this
  43. I spend roughly 80% of my day behaving like a five year old
  44. When I was a kid, I was a detective in search of Blue’s Clues
  45. I am very ticklish.
  46. Food makes me happy!
  47. People would often mistake me for a 12 year old only because i’m short…
  48. …and my boobs are rare miniatures
  49. Some guy from the movie theater once stopped me from seeing the film because he thinks the movie was not “age appropriate” for me —- like what the heck, i’m 20-effing-years old!! Seriously
  50. I’m really shocked I crossed the 50 mark 
  51. I’m a badass motherhugging hufflepuff! OHYEA so proud :)
  52. When I’m really angry, instead of saying a filthy curse word, I always yell “Finnegan’s Biscuits!” I find it quite satisfying.
  53. Whenever I walk into my local coffee shop, I like to pretend I’m an outlaw walking into an old west saloon. Haha, I love it! 
  54. I’m weird. If you haven’t guessed that already..
  55. i love disney! They will always have a special place in my heart. 
  56. I have such low self-esteem that I effing hate my life sometimes.
  57. I can spend the whole day not talking to anyone…and I’m totally okay with that
  58. I can also spend my whole day inside my room…as long as I have my food, my books, and my internet with me :)
  59. I have been single for almost my entire life. They say that relationships, well… “it just happens” … but for me, it just fizzles out before it gets anywhere. Now I think I have something like colorblindness for the spectrum of seduction, and the people who see it can’t imagine how anyone else can’t. In short, I’m forever alone
  60. I tend to take the blame for everything. I think it’s something inborn, so, if something goes wrong, even with the universe sake, I can’t help but think I’m somewhat responsible for it.
  61. I actually DO sometimes wish my life was a musical.
  62. When I hear a song I like, I can listen to it over and over without tiring of it. I will usually sing along if no one else is around.
  63. I. DON’T. DANCE … and if i do, i usually look like this: image image  image
  64. I am completely a dog person.
  65. I own the laziest shitszus ever! 
  66. Their names are Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce
  67. I love my dogs, but those bitches doesnt love me back T_T
  68. I like to pretend that I am a dog…barking, crawling, putting myself in a cage (when i was a kid!), stuff like that, just for fun…
  69. I have insomnia ever since i was a little kid
  70. I don’t believe in long distance relationships or love at first sight
  71. Creepy crawlies, furries and anything with scales doesn’t really scare me, though. 
  72. When I was a kid, I prefer guns and robots and cars more than barbie dolls
  73. I bought barbies just to snap their heads off.
  74. I was a total tomboy growing up. Sometimes, I still am.
  75. I’ve never been out of the country. I’d love for that to change.
  76. Math isn’t really my thing…i suck at it…unlike my mother who’s an accountant and my sister who’s a math genius … sigh 
  77. I have run out of random things to tell you.
  78. I often get sick when I was little. My parents will often rush me to the hospital because of my asthma, high fever, primary complex, and anemia. Thank goodness I’m still alive.
  79. I had my eye surgery when I was in grade 4 or 5…the doctor said he will use some anesthesia on me but it didn’t work and it was really painful… i kept on crying all the way home making it hurt even more T_T
  80. My top three on my Superpowers-I-Would-Like-To-Have list is the ability to fly, the ability to become invisible, and the ability to read minds :D (yup…cuz i’m a creeper)
  81. I wasn’t born in a hospital, I was born in our house instead
  82. I am extremely body conscious. In a negative way. It’s something I’m working on.
  83. I don’t know how to roller-skate. Or roller-blade. Or ice-skate.
  84. I still don’t really know how to cook.
  85. I can’t whistle.
  86. I hate it that I can’t say dfgdhfdfhdfd in real life.
  87. I regularly speak aloud when I am alone. On the street randomly too… I don’t know why, sometimes it just break out. (We have to discuss things, you see…hahaha “we”…hahaha i’m not funny)
  88. I feel like I haven’t told you enough.
  89. I don’t smoke, or drink, or do drugs…i also don’t have my first kiss yet and i am still a virgin…yes, i’m a boring pathetic wuss, i know
  90. I always have a mindset that other people can read my mind…which creeps me out a lot and makes me so much like a paranoid
  91. I’m not good at sports… ohh wait I actually HATE sports
  92. I’m always trying to figure out what other people mean, when there’s really nothing deeper than what they say.
  93. I sometimes wish I can be a baby again…just to know what it feels like
  94. I’m always good at pretending that I don’t like something or someone…even though i really do
  95. I’m rubbish at hiding the fact that I’m not okay…even though I really want to
  96. Tumblr is the only place I could truly say all of these things without getting blown up on.
  97. My life long dream is to marry my computer—just like plankton!
  98. I didn’t find this as bad as I thought it would
  99. I cannot believe I made it this far. Guess I do know myself well…in your face, MOM! 
  100. That’s all you’re getting now shoo! I’ve revealed too much already :(  *goes back into hidey hole*
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